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DesignCon 2018 Best Paper Award Nominated Paper: 

Cosmin Iorga's paper presentation scheduled on Wednesday Jan. 31,  11:00am, "Measuring S-parameter Models of Power Delivery Networks in FPGA Systems by Using an Embedded Multi-port Vector Network Analyzer" will show how a PI Scanner ( FPGA configured Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) extracts PDN S-parameter models and then integrates them in Keysight ADS signal integrity and power integrity simulations

PI Scanner FPGA Configured PDN Vector Network Analyzer

PI Scanner power integrity analysis method configures an FPGA to function as a Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) test  instrument with probing ports connected to its own power distribution network (PDN)

The VNA is then controlled from a computer to:
     1. Measure the impedance frequency profile of the FPGA PDN
     2. Measure noise coupling between FPGA power domains
     3. Extract S-parameter models of the FPGA PDN

Extracted S-parameter models can be then used in system-level simulations of power integrity and signal integrity on I/O data links

PI Scanner product consists of:
     1. FPGA intellectual property (IP) configuration file 
     2. Software application that runs on a computer
     3. Interface cable and adapter USB to serial (UART)

Evaluation Kit 

FREE Evaluation Kit:  Enter your name for a chance to win a Free PI Scanner Evaluation Kit 
One Evaluation Kit given away every month (last day of the month) 
Zero cost - The evaluation kit and shipping are free 

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Noise Coupling Book and Simulation Software Tool:


"Noise Coupling in Integrated Circuits: A Practical Approach to Analysis, Modeling, and Suppression"

by Cosmin Iorga 


Hardcover: 286 pages

Size: 6 x 9 x 0.8 inches


Year: 2008

Language: English

ISBN: 978-0615197562

LCCN: 2008941913


Price $78

Look Inside the Book:

Table of Contents (160 kB)





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ChipQuakeTM Power Integrity Explorer

Learning Edition V1.1


Download User Guide (PDF)  854 KB


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Price $99



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Bundle: Book and ChipQuake Power Integrity Explorer Learning Edition Software 






Price: $159


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